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How SuperSize Digital Began

SuperSize Digital was first created in 2016 by Stephen Tasker and Vincent Furlong in Liverpool, UK. SuperSize Digital provides an alternative option for marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams to create great SEO projects and campaigns in no time.

The concept of SuperSize Digital is simple: to provide SEO support and services to agencies and in-house marketing teams who are either in need of additional SEO resources or cannot afford to hire an SEO team or hire an SEO expert in house.

The idea came about when in 2015, Stephen, was working as the Head of Online marketing at one of the UK’s largest advertising agency’s.

Stephen was in charge of a constantly-growing digital team with big-name clients arriving every day, the team quickly surpassed its capacity threshold and was soon over stretched with the demands of SEO delivery on campaigns and projects.

It was decided at this point the agency needed to hire more SEO executives and account managers to the department to meet demands.

This is when Stephen, like so many SEO managers, directors and heads of Online marketing, really felt the pain of finding the right SEO people in a defined location. Stephen found to hire one SEO account manager, qualified for the role, it took months to interview and hire (8 months to be exact).

Stephen decided, in order to meet SEO demands, he would need to search for SEO experts offshores. Stephen was very methodical and picky when picking the right types of experts and only choose SEO people from countries known for their excellent command of English, good work ethics and who were eager to grow and learn.

Stephen was soon able to find more SEO’s and meet client demands, however, when speaking to other SEO managers and specialists in the UK, he learnt he was not the only one experiencing these pains and SEO resourcing is a big issue for agencies and in-house teams in the UK, US & Australia.

It was at this point Stephen decided to launch SuperSize Digital – To help SEO agencies and in-house teams meet their goals and objectives, and to alleviate strain on delivery demands!

We focus on providing the right experts and services for the right campaigns at cost effective prices which allow marketing agencies and in house teams to scale up their activities and achieve more for less.

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