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Interesting Statistics:

UK businesses spend £3.8 billion on PPC advertising annually.

UK mobile PPC ads achieve a 9.82% conversion rate – Amongst the best conversion statistics of all

On average, 2.5 million PPC ads go live every minute on Google.

Why SuperSize:

Choose SuperSize Digital for your PPC services and witness the remarkable transformation of your online advertising campaigns, delivering impressive ROI and unprecedented success.

Experience outstanding results with SuperSize Digital as your PPC service provider, offering tailored strategies to suit your unique goals and industry.

Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of PPC, from thorough keyword research to technical optimization, harnessing advanced tools and technologies. We prioritize transparent communication, ethical practices, and exceeding your expectations, making your success our top priority. Elevate your online presence and achieve remarkable outcomes with SuperSize Digital’s dynamic PPC solutions.

The PPC Plan:

At SuperSize Digital, our focus is on delivering real business results through our proven PPC approach. We understand that your goal is to drive conversions, increase revenue, and maximize ROI. 

Did you know that businesses in the UK earn £2 for every £1 spent on Google Ads?
With this impressive statistic in mind, our PPC strategies are carefully designed to make the most of your advertising budget. 

We drive targeted traffic, optimize ad campaigns, and generate measurable outcomes that directly impact your bottom line. Our goal-oriented approach empowers your business to achieve exceptional ROI in the competitive online landscape. Partner with us and experience the overwhelming power of our PPC expertise.

PPC services we offer:

  1. Competitor analysis and monitoringKeyword research and analysis
  2. Ad copy creation and optimisation
  3. Campaign setup and management
  4. Targeted audience research and segmentation
  5. Bid management and optimisation
  6. Ad performance tracking, analytics, and reporting
  7. Competitor analysis and monitoring
  8. Landing page optimisation for higher conversions
  1. Remarketing campaigns to re-engage and convert past visitors
  2. Ad extensions implementation for enhanced ad visibility
  3. Mobile PPC optimisation for reaching users on mobile devices
  4. Social media PPC campaigns for broader reach and engagement
  5. Display network advertising to expand brand visibility
  6. PPC consulting and strategy development tailored to business goals
  7. AI-powered PPC strategies leveraging machine learning algorithms for improved performance
  8. International PPC campaigns targeting multiple languages and regions
  9. Voice search PPC optimisation for voice-enabled devices and assistants

Seeking a fresh perspective on your PPC campaigns?

Alongside our extensive range of PPC services, we provide in-house PPC training programs and workshops, empowering your team with practical knowledge and expertise in implementing effective PPC strategies that deliver long-lasting results.

Looking beyond PPC?

Explore our array of digital services below and discover how we can further enhance your digital campaigns!

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Whether you’re thinking about starting a new digital campaign, need strategic guidance or a second pair of eyes, or if you just think we could be the right fit, then lets get the ball rolling.