General SEO T&Cs
This Agreement consists of these Terms, any Specification/Proposal/ Authorisation to Proceed document provided to you and if applicable, the Data Processing Addendum (DPA):
Before search engine promotion work is undertaken by SMT Holdings  Ltd (SMT Holdings ), we need assurances from the CLIENT that the CLIENT:

1.1 has not employed the services of another search engine optimisation or promotion company to work on the website at the same;
1.2 has not employed the services of a search engine submission company previously and, if so to advise on work undertaken where possible;

1.3 has not created any duplicate sites, redirects or doorway pages. If duplicate
sites have been previously published; the CLIENT must inform SMT Holdings  before
work commences, allowing appropriate recommendations to be carried out
1.4 has not requested or exchanged links with link farms or undertaken any spamming or other black-hat techniques which may harm the webwebsite’snking with Google

Or other search engines. No link exchanges must take place without prior consultation from SMT Holdings  Ltd.

The CLIENT acknowledges that both on-page and off-page SEO techniques may require FTP or other such access to the website. The CLIENT must grant SMT Holdings access to the site to implement changes or agree to make changes to the site from time to time as per SMT HolHoldings’schnical recommendations.

From the date SMT Holdings commences work, the contract will continue to be automatically effective on a rolling six-month basis until eitNoticerty gives notice. A 30-day notice period is accepted any time after the initial six-month period.

Payment for implementing the CLICLIENT’sO campaign shall be paid in advance every quarter and after the CLENT has accepted the proposal. SMT Holdings shall invoice the CLIENT on a quarterly
The basis for the SEO fee is payment immediately upon receipt of the invoice, by direct debit or otherwise, if agreed upon between both parties.

Notice of cancellation of this agreement shall be deemed valid and accepted by SMT Holdings when notice of cancellation is received by e-mail or post after the initial period of 6 months. Cancellation shall be deemed accepted on the receipt of notification by SMT Holdings for 30 days from the Notice of Cancellation, for which the CLIENT will be charged and agrees to pay at the standard rate applicable.

The CLIENT acknowledges that due to the competitiveness of some keywords/phrases, ongoing changes in search engine ranking algorithms and other competitive factors, SMT Holdings cancan’tve assurances or guarantees for any specific result in any particular search engine. CLIENT also acknowledges that SMT Holdings cannot guarantee or quantify the increase in traffic or return on investment due to the SEO campaign. At this moment, the CLIENT acknowledges that as new sites and potentially competitor websites are being optimised and submitted daily, results will fluctuate, and SMT Holdings cannot make assurances or guarantees as to the performance of the CLICLIENT’sbsite. SMT Holdings  Ltd can accept no responsibility or liability if any search engine, online directory or search site submitted to as part of a website SEO promotion commission chooses not to list or rank the CLICLIENT’sbsite.

SMT Holdings warrants that it will perform search engine optimisation and submissions to the best of its ability to the value of the budget agreed, utilising current technologies and within the parameters and limitations of the main existing search engines such as Google and SMT Holdings shall use reasonable care in carrying out its services.

SMT Holdings is not responsible for any adverse effects on search engine ranking or additional costs incurred should SMT Holdings have to do rectifying work should the CLIENT engaged in any overwriting web work carried out on the site, e.g. the CLICLIENT’sbmaster making changes and uploading over work already provided, or changes made to the Web site or negative SEO made by other parties that may adversely affect the search engine rankings of the CLICLIENT’sb site.